Episode 226-Year in Review

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This is the show that my true listeners have been waiting for. It’s that show that will break down every piece of Bryan’s life on every level. All I can say is buckle up & enjoy the ride. I have quite a lot of unraveling this year from 2018. I’m ready to put a lot behind me, but I’m ready to bring quite a few things I’ve learned into the new year. Look forward to the responses & feedback on this one. #episode226 #YearInReview #MyLife #MyJourney #podcast #talker #PASSPodcast #PodcastAboutSportsNStuff #thePASS #Sports #Music #Artists #Gaming #Technology #Spreaker #rva804 #branding #blueMicrophone #richmond804 #podcastLife #blymibt #plymibt #podsInColor #professionalRecordingEngineer #AirpodsEscape

Year in Review:
Released from one job
Quit a job
Gained an understanding of energy & vibes
Drivers & Passengers
Car paid off
More maintenance problems lol
Magfest reality
Returning back to a job I love
Music Conversion
Goodbye Apple
Hello Spotify
New Albums (challenge to enjoy streaming)
Podcast Listening
Vision board re-visit
Phone Upgrade (HUGE)
Pop socket Introduction & Addiction
Nike (Kaepernick)
Promoting Businesses differently
Self Branding/Promotion
AirPods are Bae
More Organizing (Evernote Calendars)
Anker Addict
Drinking More Water
roBOT update
Risking web design
Possibly working on graphic design
Simplifying tech talk
10 year Twitter anniversary
Continuance of Surrender December
Top 5 albums
Attempt to watch & manage more sports viewing

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