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I will keep it real…this is far from your regular weekly podcast. I gave the sports stint a break. On this show, I was able to pay forward a show by having a special guest on my show. Her name is Maiesha & she was DROPPING knowledge. There was plenty of clip emptying, plenty of unpacking, & even more, LOTS of OVERSTANDING!!!! Unsure of what I mean, tune in & prepare for a great thought flow. Also, I will be using “Click to Tweet” for the first time with this show. #FaithUnlocks #InformationTechnology #Techie #premiumContent #podcast #talker #PASSPodcast #PodcastAboutSportsNStuff #thePASS #Sports #Music #Artists #AssOfTheWeek #Gaming #Technology #Spreaker #rva804 #branding #blueMicrophone #richmond804 #podcastLife #blymibt #plymibt #podsInColor #professionalRecordingEngineer #AirpodsEscape


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Be Present

Domestic Violence contact

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Peachie Clean RVA

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Unlimited by Sxcrifice

Bagby (Digital Wellbeing)

J Turnkey Solutions

Chey Cosmetics

Enchanted Moon Stones


Soul Gab with Ash & Jazz

Miss Blog God

Single in the City

Thinking out Loud

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