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I initially titled the blog “NFL Preseason Predictions”. That was until I realized that there was a theme related to various “leaks” happening during the past few weeks. I just know this…we are able to access a lot more content than we realize. Regardless, I just have one question. How do you not know that you bit the sandwich? Tune in to Episode 255 to hear about these topics and many other “leaks” that have released. #Leaks #NBAChristmasSchedule #MLBTradeDeadline #rvaPod #premiumContent #podcast #talker #PASSPodcast #PodcastAboutSportsNStuff #thePASS #Sports #Music #Artists #AssOfTheWeek #Gaming #Technology #Spreaker #rva804 #branding #blueMicrophone #richmond804 #podcastLife #blymibt #plymibt #podsInColor #professionalRecordingEngineer #AirpodsEscape


Suicide Hotline

Be Present

Domestic Violence contact

Intrepid Genius

Peachie Clean RVA

iFinancial by Tierra


Unlimited by Sxcrifice

Bagby (Digital Wellbeing)

J Turnkey Solutions

Chey Cosmetics

Enchanted Moon Stones


Soul Gab with Ash & Jazz

Miss Blog God

Single in the City

Thinking out Loud

Melanin Uncorked Podcast

Music for Intro & Outro:

Tanya China


Big 3 brief update

MLB Trade deep dive

NFL Records 2018 (preseason predictions)

Tour de France BRIEFING

NBA Opening Night games

NBA Christmas Games


16-year old wins Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite helps Epic Games stand out

Ninja Leaves Twitch

YouTubers join forces

Capital One Hacker boasts

E3 Data Breach for Journalists

Ass of the Week:

Officer claims sandwich was bitten

Pass of the Week:

Mass shootings in Ohio & Texas

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