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Guess it’s time to come clean…this week’s show is gonna be raw & uncut. I tried to edit it. I also wasn’t in my best space energy-wise. Life was trying to send me all over the place. I’m just glad I got a great amount of content for the podcast. I will forewarn you that this episode was recorded on 11-2-19, & is just making it to the airwaves. I hope everyone enjoys. This is thePASSBT! 


Suicide Hotline

Be Present

Domestic Violence contact 

Intrepid Genius 

Peachie Clean RVA 

iFinancial by Tierra 


Unlimited by Sxcrifice 

Bagby (Digital Wellbeing) 

J Turnkey Solutions 

Chey Cosmetics

Enchanted Moon Stones

RVA Podcast Network



Soul Gab with Ash & Jazz 

Miss Blog God 

Single in the City 

Thinking out Loud 

Melanin Uncorked Podcast 

The Producers

Music for Intro & Outro:

Tanya China


NFL Week 9 Picks 

NFL Trade Deadline Grades

Premier League Table

Nationals Parade for World Series


Adobe exposes Information

Airpods Pro

16-inch MacBook Pro

Echo Buds

Motorola RAZR is BACK!!!!

Apple Card Announcement!!!!!

Ass of the Week:

Man tries to steal flute

Million Dollar Bill!?!?!?!?

Man leaves “huge mess”

Pass the Message:


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