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This is gonna be a short week for recording, but we gotta create content. I will warn you that there will be LOTS to talk about in episode 269. I gotta admit, a story broke as I was recording, so it might have worked out. James Wiseman continues being special. And the RAZR has made a return…with a hefty price tag. Finally, Colin gets his “shot”, but is he really getting a shot? These topics and a very in-depth pass the message on thePASS. #JamesWiseman #ColinKapernick #NFL #MotorolaRAZR #PassTheMessage #podcast #talker #PASSPodcast #PodcastAboutSportsNStuff #thePASS #thePassBT #Sports #Music #Artists #Gaming #Technology #Spreaker #rva804 #Spotify #Subscribe #branding #blueyeti #richmond804 #podcastLife #blymibt #plymibt #podsInColor #professionalRecordingEngineer #AirpodsEscape #premiumContent #rvaPod


Suicide Hotline

Be Present

Domestic Violence contact

Intrepid Genius

Peachie Clean RVA

iFinancial by Tierra


Unlimited by Sxcrifice

Bagby (Digital Wellbeing)

J Turnkey Solutions

Chey Cosmetics

Enchanted Moon Stones

RVA Podcast Network


Soul Gab with Ash & Jazz

Miss Blog God

Single in the City

Thinking out Loud

Melanin Uncorked Podcast

Music for Intro & Outro:

Tanya China


NFL Week 11 Picks

Wiseman Ineligible to play by Memphis

Dion Waiters suspended 10 games

Colin Kapernick “special” workout

Reid thinks Kapernick practice is a PR stunt by NFL

Baseball teams use cameras to attain signs


Motorola’s redesigned RAZR

Apple Music Replay of the year

Pandora adds Podcasts to web & desktop player

Ass of the Week:

Don Cherry fired for saying “You People”

Pass of the Week:

Roommate & boyfriend arrested in death of CAU student

Santa Clara Shooting (Updates)

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