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Creeping up on 270. Shocked that I mishandled the show notes, but we still got into quite a bit on the podcast. Episode 269…wow! This is one of my longer shows. I had a guest on. He’s also a podcaster. Anyone part of the community is AOK in my book. He came on to bring his thoughts about Kapernick’s “practice”, the battle involving communication, & data being breached (as the title kinda teases). I hope everyone enjoys this show. FYI…this is a long show, but it’s a good amount of content by far. Anyways, I hope you enjoy thePASS. #LostLikeYall #ColinKaepernick #PassTheMessage #podcast #talker #PASSPodcast #PodcastAboutSportsNStuff #thePASS #thePassBT #Sports #Music #Artists #Gaming #Technology #Spreaker #rva804 #Spotify #Subscribe #branding #blueyeti #richmond804 #podcastLife #blymibt #plymibt #podsInColor #professionalRecordingEngineer #AirpodsEscape #premiumContent  #rvaPod

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Suicide Hotline

Be Present

Domestic Violence contact

Intrepid Genius

Peachie Clean RVA

iFinancial by Tierra


Unlimited by Sxcrifice

Bagby (Digital Wellbeing)

J Turnkey Solutions

Chey Cosmetics

Enchanted Moon Stones

RVA Podcast Network


Soul Gab with Ash & Jazz

Miss Blog God

Single in the City

Thinking out Loud

Melanin Uncorked Podcast

Music for Intro & Outro:

Tanya China

Guest on the Podcast:

Lost Like Yall Podcast (Apple Podcast)

Link for Bitter Podcast:

Bitter Podcast


NFL Week 12 Picks

James Wiseman suspended 12 games by NCAA

Daniel Jones wants “Danny Dimes” copywritten

Kyle Bush wins 2019 NASCAR World Cup

NCAA Playoff Update

Kaepernick’s change of venue for practice


Xbox Game Pass Perks

John Legere Steps Down

T-Mobile Customer’s data accessed

Ass of the Week:

A woman carries a fake baby that’s marijuana

Pass of the Week:

The inventor of Nerf, NFL ex-player passes at 80

Music Recommendations:

The Bonfyre-U Say feat. 6lack

Post Malone Album (Spotify)

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