Episode 42-Week 1 of the PASS

Before I start, I want to take time to say thank you to everyone. Your listens, shares, posts are ALWAYS appreciated. Now, back to the business at hand…

This week’s podcast gives a new look & feel. Jumping into the last few weeks or moments of the NBA, we get into Dirk made history joining the 30k. Russ broke his career high. college kids amaking their decisions. re-evaluating a few cinderella stories. Jumping into a new story called ASS of the week. Also, eSports breaks ground in Las Vegas in a HUGE way. These topics & many more as we jump into this week’s podcast. #podcast #passPodcast #BT #music #MaryJBlige #CollegeBasketball #CollegeHoops #basketball #NBA #NFL #sports #Gaming #TechieTalk #RussellWestbrook #DirkNowitzki #Basketball

Artist Spotlight (Mary J. Blige):


Millennial eSports Arena for Halo 5:


Automatic Bids (Conference wins along with other tournaments over the upcoming days):


Dennis Smith Jr. going to the NBA Draft:


Not how Dennis Smith expected to end his college career:


Premier League Table Standings (matches, leads, other info):


Dirk joins 30K club:

Dirk Nowitzki Joins Michael Jordan, Others In NBA’s 30,000-Point Club

Westbrook scores career high in loss:


Best Cinderella stories & will there be any Cinderella Stories:


Lakers hire Pelinka as GM:


Nintendo Switch fails at Launch (ASS of the week):

The New Nintendo Switch Has Had The Most Miserable Launch In Gaming History, Here’s Why

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