Welcome to Podcasting

Over the past few months (even years), I’ve realized that many of my friends & colleagues are ready to jump out there & leap into the community of podcasting. Well, as a brief two-year member while STILL trying to learn & get my feet grounded in the world, I would like to personally welcome you. I feel bad that I hardly listen to as many shows as I wanna because I’m trying to catch up on an exclusive musical album or something of that sort. I’m glad that my library has no chance to grow anytime soon since I’m streaming. Anyways, this isn’t about music (let the sidetracks begin). We’re here to talk about podcasting. So, you have an idea or topics you’d like to jump into & you may have your equipment OR your passion to record and get shows out there is very high. Now, I will come clean in admitting that I love podcasting now more than I have in a couple of years (aka when I first started). Continue reading “Welcome to Podcasting”